Value added services

Every business owner needs a team of professionals in the background who provide continuous support and advice. That's what we are here to do by giving you

  • more time to manage your business
  • the peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on the essentials
  • help and support to ensure issues aren't becoming problems

As founder members of the Added Value Network of independent accountants and business advisors, we are committed to making your business more successful. We have developed a number of added value products and services to compliment our traditional compliance services, a selection of which are detailed below:

Paying too much in tax? — Your annual TaxAbility checklist and follow-up TaxAbility review will help you to cut your personal and business tax bills down to size

Manage your tax liabilities — Your personalised TaxPlanner will make sure that you always set aside enough money to meet your eventual tax bills.

Giving your business the edge — Do you want to be extraordinarily successful? If you do, the Business Edge™ programme is for you. Developed in conjunction with Steve Pipe, an internationally published business author and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year, the Business Edge™ programme is designed to help you turn your business dreams into reality. Over a highly structured and super-intensive 1-2 days it will help you to create breakthrough strategies for supercharging your sales, your profits and your prospects.

ProActivity™ from around the world — Every month our ProActivity™ team will scour the business pages, business magazines and latest business books, attend courses and surf the internet specifically to identify ideas to help your business become even more profitable and successful. And, of course, whenever we find those sort of powerful ideas, we will proactively share them with you.

Insider Reports — A range of plain English reports containing practical advice on how to make your business more successful and profitable. Current titles include:

  • How to get your bank to say "yes"
  • How to promote your business for pennies
  • Your action plan for explosive growth
  • How to make yours the most profitable business card in town
  • The secrets of pricing for profit
  • Your 24 hour action plan for getting where you want to go

Your business sounding board — Want to bounce an idea off someone with an open mind? Get a second opinion on a business brainwave? Or try out a new product, system or marketing message on someone outside your organisation? Just ask any of our team for SoundingBoard support, and they'll be your sounding board.

For these and other client-driven added value products and services, please contact Andrew Jones now to arrange a confidential no-obligation introductory meeting to discuss your needs and the benefits of working with us.

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